My Coding Journey

My Coding Journey

Edit (1.7.2020): This post initially had a Progress Log at the end of it, but I’ve moved it over to a repo on GitHub now that I’m learning my way around there! Feel free to check out My Learning Path log where I’m sharing my coding activities and helpful resources I encounter along the way!

This post has been a LONG time coming! Ever since I started blogging online back in 2007, I had the idea of also blogging about my journey in learning to code and building websites, but I could never find the right time to start it. 12 years later, the time seems perfect as I find myself in the midst of building out a new site I’m really excited about as a joint project with my husband, developing a website for a client and consulting others as they start their own websites for the time!

I was first introduced to the world of coding back in 02/03 when I took a computer class taught by my cousin, an amazing instructor at my highschool. We were learning how to build computers and it was then that I was also introduced to HTML. Learning that language had such a great impact on me then, because I was able to start using it right away on something that had a LOT of us captivated back then…Blackplanet! Listen! Everybody back then had a Blackplanet page and I was learning and applying all the HTML I could to fancy up my page lol. Oh how I wish I had a screenshot!

Fast forward to 2007. I’m a senior in college, in the midst of applying to graduate school programs in engineering. Blogger is a popular online blogging platform at the time, so I decide to start blogging about my application journey. In 2008, I get accepted into graduate school and start another blog about my journey to the Ph.D (graduated in 2014!). In 2009, I embrace my natural hair during grad school and start another blog focused on my natural hair journey. During my blogging journey, I start learning about WordPress and find myself exploring the worlds of CSS and PHP.

Fast forward to NOW (December 2019). Project ideas are coming to my mind that require skills in programming languages that I’ve yet to fully explore and I am so motivated to go deeper into this world of coding.

Blogging has taught me that the act of sharing helps keep me accountable to my goals, allows me to keep track of my experiences, reinforces concepts I’ve learned, connects me with people on similar paths and serves as a platform for meaningful exchange that can be empowering for myself and for others.

During this journey, I’ll be posting more about the resources I’m finding helpful but I can’t end this post without highlighting Career Karma! Career Karma is a community that was created to help people in landing their dream jobs in tech. I’ve joined Career Karma for their #21dayCkChallenge, and on day 5 of the challenge, I’m already impressed by the strong sense of community and their genuine interest in helping others succeed! I highly suggest checking them out if you’re even remotely interested in pursuing a career in tech.

With that being said, I’ll be sharing more about my coding journey here and on Twitter (@maelingmurphy). I look forward to connecting with you there!